We service what we sell! And, we service most everyone else’s products, too.

For 24-hour service support, call (540) 341-0123.

Service and Repair

Sentinel has a large group of highly skilled technicians ready to troubleshoot and repair your marine electronic equipment. Service is dispatched from our centrally located office in Gray, LA. We also offer technical support, engineering, remote diagnostics and training (both technical and operational) from our Gray, LA office. Whether your need is on the Gulf Coast or around the world, our skilled technicians are ready to solve your problem.

New Build Vessel Installations
Sentinel is the leader in “new build” vessel marine electronic installations. We can perform the most complicated and demanding installations in the industry, from dynamic positioning, power management, engine room automation, navigation and communication systems. All installations start with our engineering department producing the drawings for the equipment layout and interfacing, based on the customer’s needs and the equipment manufactures recommendations.

Sentinel will retrofit existing vessels with our state-of-art marine electronics, monitoring and management systems. We will get your vessel back to work quickly and you will notice the efficiency, safety and increased performance.