Rudder Feedback Unit

Rudder Feedback Unit Rudder Feedback Unit Features:

• Polished 316 stainless steel linkage shaft. Adjustable to 15-5/8” length from center of rotation.

• Stainless steel ball joint rod end. PTFE lubricated. 3/8″

• Triple-sealed Drive Shaft Hub with oil embedded sleeve bearing

• IP67 Rated external connectors. Factory supplied cables available in five pre-cut lengths. No drilling required, reducing installation time. No internal wiring eliminating wiring errors and faults.

• Splitters allow two sensors to be combined in one external cable reducing cabling requirements and installation time while maintaining full sensor and power independence.

• Non-contact inductive resonance encoders. IP67/IP69K degree of protection. Simultaneous 0-10VDC & 4-20ma outputs. Watertight components and connections. Program in seconds.

• 3/8″ Vintec PVC plastic Housing. Constructed to IP68 standards. Rated for 180ºf softening point. 12,800 psi yield strength.

• IP68 rated proximity sensing limit switches. No mechanical levers or springs to wear and change stop positions over time. Sealed connectors prevent wire connection failure from causing false stops.

• Flush mount, cork gasketed cover with sealed fasteners allow easy access to components while preventing water intrusion.

• Self-lubricated bearings.

• 316 Stainless Steel polished shafting.Rudder Feedback Unit

Download Rudder Feedback Unit Brochure PDF