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Sentinel Marine Technology provides complete electro-hydraulic Steering Systems,custom-designed and manufactured to satisfy the requirements of your vessel. We provide proven marine-duty components from the hydraulic rudder actuators and hydraulic power units to the steering control system, all designed to meet the requirements of the applicable regulatory body. Each system is provided with a custom-engineered documentation package.

Sentinel has supplied steering systems for the following types of vessels:
• ABS DP-2 Classed Offshore Supply Vessels
• ABS DP-1 Classed Offshore Supply Vessels
• USCG Approved Offshore Supply Vessels
• ABS DP-2 Classed Crewboats
• ABS Classed Inland River Towboats
• ABS Classed Liftboats
• Unclassed Inland River Vessels
• USCG Approved Ferry Boats