Fuel Management Systems

Sentinel’s Advanced Fuel Monitoring System Collects and Reports Fuel Usage Sentinel has installed its advanced Fuel Monitoring Systems on multiple vessels, providing data collection, display, and recording of each vessel’s engine fuel consumption as the boat is operating. The system also generates customizable reports and provides on-demand access to historical data.

Various fuel usage logging options are also offered, such as daily logging and coordinate-based logging for use when the vessel is in proximity to a rig, for example. Stand-alone fuel flow sensors can be provided with the system to measure fuel consumption for each diesel engine, or the system can be set up to interface directly to the engine’s ECM to receive fuel consumption data if available.

In addition to tracking fuel consumption, the Sentinel Fuel Monitoring System automatically logs the load factor of each engine when the vessel is within range of the rig. The system can also include an engine load monitoring option for EPA air permit requirements.

The operator interface allows for easy access to historical data in report form, and requires little or no operator intervention after initial setup. Reports and logs can be customized to meet any customer requirements and can be printed or automatically sent via email.