Sentinel is an original equipment manufacturer of high quality control and instrumentation products and systems. Out team has over 60 years of combined engineering management, electronic design, system design, PLC programming and field experience. We want to be your supplier of choice for the following systems and/or services.

Marine Systems
Machinery Alarms Systems
Cargo & Tank Controls
Power Management
Fuel Management Systems
General Alarms
Steering Control Systems
Rudder Feedback Unit
Steering Hydraulic Power Units
Propulsion Controls
Thruster Controls
Shaft Tachometer Systems
Dynamic Positioning
Engine Order Telegraph

Acquisition (SCADA)
• Tank Level Indicating Systems
• Motor Control Centers
• Motor Drives
• Human Machine Interface (HMI)
• Winch Controls
• Pump Controls
• Fire Detection Systems

Industrial Systems
• Process Control
• Custom Control/Instrumentation
• Machinery Alarm Systems
• System Control and Data