Gangway Controls Demonstrate Engineering Solutions

Sentinel, a Beier Radio company, provides engineering solutions that help preserve multi-million dollar investments. After the manufacturer of a gangway system went out of business, threatening to render that investment useless, a vessel company looked to Sentinel to engineer new gangway controls and provide new control software to get its gangway back into operation quickly and cost-effectively. Sentinel’s expert team of engineers and marine electronics professionals did just that, designing and manufacturing new control systems and PLC for a Master Control Console Chair for a fraction of the cost of replacing the unit. The master control chair outfitted by Sentinel includes joysticks to operate the gangway, which can be manually controlled during approach and switched to automated mode for a free-float landing that allows a seven-foot safety toleration. Monitors installed by Sentinel in the chair console and in the wheelhouse allow the operator and vessel captain to view the gangway activity. The control systems and PLC were designed and manufactured by Sentinel at Beier Radio’s 20-acre facility in Gray, LA. Sentinel is an original equipment manufacturer of high quality control and instrumentation products and systems, and is an affiliate of Beier Integrated Systems and The Marine Training Institute within the Beier Radio family of companies. Custom Gangway magazine article in Maritime Reporter and Engineering News, view PDF. Gangway Control Sentinel chair web
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